We propose

Zween, a group which brings the fun and joy of Folk musics and dances to beginners and Folk Festivals addicts.


Initiation into Bal Folk

  • You search an idea for a business party?
  • You want to bring joyful moments to your wedding or your birthday party?
  • You wish more links between generations and cultures in your neighborhood?
We propose 1h of playful initiation to collective dances and couple dances easy to learn, with live music.

Bal folk

  • You search a group for a ball or for a festival?
We compose our music, mixing sweat mazurkas and crazy circles!


Atelier de danse folk

  • You wish to explore the richness of folk dance?

We animate workshops for beginners and comfirmed dancers, to (re)discover basic steps and to learn ways to dance more freely.